F1 2019: Dates of presentations of the new cars

The new year begins and the engineers of all the teams have been working on their new cars for some time, in fact, they will be finalizing some design things and building them, because soon the dates of presentations of new F1 2019 single-seaters . Although, until the last minute they keep working on the development to bring news to the preseason tests to be held in Montmeló.

We are looking forward to see what the new cars and decorations will be like, if any change this year, of the new cars that will compete this new season of Formula 1. Especially for the changes of regulations that have passed and that will change the battle of cars , being something longer because they will house a deposit of 5kg more fuel , that is, they go from 105kg to 110kg. But especially the changes will be aerodynamic.

As you already know what we have come counting, the new cars will have a wider front spoiler that will come to cover the overall width of the car, besides being much simpler at its ends and endplates. Therefore, there will no longer be so many aerodynamic appendages, or so many planes in the outermost area of ​​the alarms, so that will reduce that effect wash (out-wash effect) that generates these vortices so that the air pass through the outside of the tires and the sides of the flat bottom to "seal" it, but generating a large wake or area of ​​aspiration (slipstream) behind the cars that leaves no load to those who go behind and makes it more complicated to approach to the front car in twisty areas.

Therefore, > the overtaking are more complicated, since in areas with curves they have to take off a bit so as not to lose the front zone and approach when there is going to be a straight, taking advantage of the slipstream and trying to overtake. But that makes overtaking difficult and is one of the reasons why there are few. We will see if this new bet of the FIA ​​corrects this evil and there is more show in 2019 or if on the contrary everything follows the same as some predict.

By the way, the rear spoiler will also change similarly to what happens in the front, with those changes we will see if it is possible to shorten the distances or gaps between large and small teams, or if on the other hand the big ones get more advantage and remain far away ... What is certain, that in the area the ailerons leave much less room for engineers to do more innovative things because of the strict the new regulation , but in other areas? We'll see if anyone takes something out of the sleeve.

The first to confirm when to present his design has been McLaren, which will reveal its MCL34 on the day of the lovers, on February 14 . I hope it's a good sign and that we all fall in love this 2019. We do not know if some will advance to that date and present their car before, but for now it's the only official confirmation. Normally the first to present his car is Ferrari, we will see when he leaves this year, and if Red Bull will be the most behind as usual ... By the way, as they go out we will do our technical analysis of each car like the past years. So here you have an appointment in AM!

It seems that most teams will continue with the same decoration as the previous year, McLaren seems to continue with the orange as last year.The same happens with Rich Energy that will sponsor Haas, so they could become black and gold, like Lotus. Will anyone else be encouraged to change their designs? We will see soon.

To stop speculation and know exactly how the new cars will be, we must be attentive to the following dates ( we will update it as they go confirming new dates of presentations ):

# 8211; # 8211;
Team Date
Ferrari February 15
Mercedes February 13
Red Bull February 13
Haas February 7
Alfa Romeo February 18
Racing Point February 13
McLaren February 14
Renault February 12
Toro Rosso February 11
Williams February 11

As you see, most have chosen the month of February for the presentations, and the reason for this advance is that the tests also begin earlier, since on February 18 they begin the preseason tests. If you ask for the names of the new cars , here we show them:

# 8211; # 8211;
Team Name
Ferrari SF72H * (To be confirmed)
Mercedes W10
Red Bull RB15
Haas VF-19
Alfa Romeo - (To be confirmed)
Racing Point - (To be confirmed)
McLaren MCL34
Renault RS19
Toro Rosso STR14
Williams FW42

And we end with the dates of the tests of the F1 2019 season, as we see, will be at the Montmeló circuit, as usual:

# 8211; # 8211;
Days Circuit
18-19-20-21 February Circuit de Montmeló (pre-season)
February 26-27-28 and March 1 Circuit de Montmeló (preseason)
May 15 and 15 Circuit of Montmeló (post-race test)
August 6 and 7 Hungaroring (post-race test)
3rd and 4th of December Yas Marina (end of season)
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