How to know if a car has insurance

Know if a car has the Safe in force can be very important in certain circumstances. Unfortunately it is not as accessible information as it is for example the loads of a vehicle. There is the so-called Insured Vehicle Information File (FIVA), but it is designed more for consultation by some institutions and companies. However, a private person can also use it in case of an accident .

The organization responsible for managing the FIVA is the Insurance Compensation Consortium . The insurers are obliged to send you every day changes, additions and cancellations of all insurances or policies registered in Spain. That's why you can get very up-to-date information in case you want to know if a car is safe .

How to request information from the FIVA

Some of the data that is can get through the FIVA are quite sensitive, so you have to take a formal request in which you have to indicate your full name, ID and date of the accident. If there have been personal, material or both. In addition to giving a fax number, an email or a mailing address where you want to send the requested information. You must sign the document and put the date on which you request it.

The document that you have to send to the Insurance Compensation Consortium is:

Assurance of Vehicles with Spanish Registration

Where to send the request

Being a private individual, you can not consult the FIVA directly through the Internet. This can only be done by insurers and health or emergency centers. Please send this document :

  • to FAX : 91339 5514 or
  • to mail electronic :

You can also go in person to the consortium located at: Paseo de la Castellana Nº 32. Code Postal: 28046. Madrid.

We sent our inquiry through the email provided and it took only 24 hours to send us the information requested, also via email. Keep in mind that if you request it by ordinary mail, the information will take longer to arrive. So choose well depending on the urgency you have.

And if it's a car has a foreign license plate?

As you can see in its name, the consultation is for vehicles registered in Spain. Even so, if your accident has been with a foreign car do not worry . Put the registration in the document, because the FIVA will send your request to the competent agency of the appropriate country. What you have to assume is that depending on the country that is, nothing guarantees that the agency will respond within a short period or even that it will respond. With the countries of the European Union the most normal thing is that you do not have any problem.

By way of an informative note, you should know that the Insurance Compensation Consortium depends directly on the Ministry of Economy and Business of the Government of Spain.The price that the insured have to pay for this consortium is greater than that offered by private insurers. It can also compensate for damages caused by unknown vehicles, without insurance or stolen. Although the coverage offered in these cases is very limited and difficult to obtain.

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