How to know if a car is seized or has loads

Whenever you go to buy a car second hand you have to be very clear about one thing: if you have loads, do not buy it . This is something that can happen mainly in the case that the sale occurs between individuals. That is why, here we are going to give you the notions so that you can check the loads that a car has or if it is embargoed , so that you know what you are really buying.

The first thing that suits you clarify is what are the loads of a car . Well, a vehicle with loads is all that on which a third party is entitled . Put another way: if someone wants to sell you a car with loads, be careful because there is an entity, another person or the Administration itself, which has rights over that car. So, even if you buy it, that third party will still have the right to keep it, and even seize it. Hence the importance of checking if a car has loads before acquiring it.

To check if a car has loads or is attached, we recommend the following steps . It is a DGT procedure that costs money, but you may save your payment if you do it in the following way:

Step previous - (Optional but recommended)

To carry out most of the procedures with the Directorate General of Traffic you can use the Internet . It is much faster and easier, but depending on what you want to do, you will have to have some electronic identification means . Once you have it, the most normal thing is that you can forget about having to go to a Provincial Traffic Department for the rest of your life. This is very much appreciated.

The DGT uses two means of identification via the Internet: La Cla @ ve or the Digital Certificate . For the first step, we recommend that you at least have the Cl @ ve system, because it is very simple. You can see how to sign up in the article: How to register in the key system of the DGT. You will have to go to a headquarters, but you can take advantage of the trip to check the charges or seizures and do it in passing. To make Step 2 online, the Digital Certificate is better.

Step 1 - Consultation of the reduced report

If you have a Cl @ ve system or Digital Certificate, it is better than before do a quick check requesting a reduced report . Obtaining this information is free, but it can offer you the right information so you can see that something strange happens with the car in which you are interested. Once you identify yourself with one of the two systems on the DGT page, it will ask you for the car registration on which you want to make the inquiry.

By just entering it and give " Consult ", you will see the brand, the model, the date of your first registration, the type of fuel you use and your status.In this case, you are not interested in buying it until it is resolved. So you can tell the owner of the car that you are not interested and/or ask him what is happening with him. It can be from the moment it is seized until it has passed the ITV. But in none of the cases can you complete the paperwork to buy it legally. Remember that you are the buyer and that you have a very extensive offer of used cars in Spain. So you can move on to consider another car at any time.

Estado Verde

In case the State of the vehicle appears in green it means that traffic does not There is no problem that prevents the administrative processing or circulation of the vehicle, but do not trust yourself . In this case you must continue with the inquiries, because the green does not guarantee that there is something else that can bring you problems.

Step 2 - Consultation of the full report

If you want to do this step on the Internet we recommend the Digital Certificate instead of the Cl @ ve, because with a certificate you can pay the fees online without leaving home. Do it online or do it by going to a provincial traffic headquarters, you'll have to pay 8.50 euros . If you are going to a Provincial Traffic Headquarters you can consult the article How to request a prior appointment in the DGT for procedures in a traffic headquarters. It is a previous step before doing any paperwork there, except to pay fines, which can go without an appointment.


When If you request this report, you will be given the option to request the information of several cars at a time . Do not limit yourself to indicate one if you have several purchase options. Take advantage and indicate all to do in the same procedure.

In this report you will see everything and you can be sure that you can buy the second-hand car without problems. The legal owner of the car and the registered address will appear, not only the date of the first registration but every re-registration that has been made, if it has passed the ITV and the number of km that it had when passing it, if it is Renting, the car has had, if you have paid the circulation tax, if it has been imported or exported and, what interests you most, the state of the charges, seizures, seals or limitations that the car has >.

That it appears if it has passed the ITV and the Tax of Circulation is important also , because if it does not have it, the procedures derived from the purchase of the car can not be completed.

Contract a company to check loads?

The information you're looking for is public and has always the DGT . When you hire the services of one of those Internet pages to give you the Complete Report, you are really paying more than double what is necessary. The sense of paying these companies is to not have to go to a Provincial Traffic Headquarters yourself . Something for which there are people who pay willingly.

It will never make sense to you if you have a Digital Certificate , because you can do it comfortably from home. Another thing is that you trust or not of the information that that company gives you. Although in principle, they will do it telematically just as you would if you were certified, so in principle there is no reason to distrust.Since has not yet finished paying and therefore the dealer or brand has sent a reservation of domain to the DGT. Until the owner has not paid his fines and the Administration has reached the last resort of attachment as are the movable property . Take a look at the article: What happens if I do not pay a traffic ticket in the term? The Tax Agency can expropriate all types of assets to settle the debt.

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