Test Volvo V90 Cross Country T6 AWD Auto 8v

The Volvo S90 arrived to the Spanish market in mid-2016 as successor to the fantastic Volvo S80, which had already been very old-fashioned compared to its top rivals. The Swedish brand has made an impressive change in recent years, something we can see in cars like the XC90, XC60 or XC40; as well as in the new Volvo S60 that is about to land on the market.

Today we put ourselves at the controls of the family version of the saloon the biggest brand, it is Say, we got on the Volvo V90 . In addition, we do it in the traditional Cross Country adventurous body that so much of the company's customers like. Welcome to our test of the Volvo V90 Cross Country in mechanical version T6; with gasoline engine, automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

High body, but elegant family saloon design

As always, we'll start talking about your exterior design . In this case, the Volvo V90 Cross Country maintains the base of the family saloon but adds some traits for its own more adventurous identity. Highlights the lower protections in aluminum tone found in the front and rear. The protections of the stirrup or the wheel arches, in this case, come in the same body color instead of the usual black tone.

The exterior dimensions of the Volvo V90 Cross Country are 4,939 mm in length, 1,879 in width (without rear-view mirrors) and 1,543 in height. The battle is 2,941 mm. On the other hand, the free height to the ground is generous, of 210 mm. If you wonder about its weight, this model weighs 1,842 kilos empty according to its technical sheet.

As you can see in the different images of the exterior, the body is elevated, with a greater free height to the ground and, therefore, better lower angles. No, the Volvo V90 Cross Country is not an all-rounder, far from it, but those extra centimeters help to overcome some obstacles with a certain guarantee. The wheels of our unit are optional and 20 inches.

Among the typical features of the V90 , shared with the other versions of the model , we can highlight the design of the front lighting representing the hammer in the daylight, the large main grille boasting the brand's logo or the striking shape of the rear pilots . Finally, the roof rails come in aluminum tone; while the contours of the windows opt for the color black.

Quality, class and stately style

The class that we appreciate abroad is still present in its elegant cabin Everything is made with first quality materials , with an exquisite touch on practically all interior panels.The perceived quality is very high and does not appear nor a single "cricket" when pressing on elements sensitive to it, such as areas of union between panels, surfaces of rigid materials or around the instrument box, which is always a delicate point. No trace.

The brand offers a multitude of customization options in the passenger compartment, being able to choose between various materials and shades for the seats, different finishes of the central dashboard and console central, carpet, etc.

The instrument panel has resorted to a traditional design. Although it perfectly fulfills its function and can project the indications of the navigator, it does not look as technological as the Virtual Cockpit of the Volkswagen group, or the new BMW system. Handling different travel information is not very intuitive and costs a bit to adapt.

On the other hand, the touch screen in central and vertical position brings a very clean design to the interior. His fluency is good, but we will be slow to adapt to it and its menus, because its structure is different to most European vehicles and has too many functions. In any case, the biggest negative point is that it integrates the management of the air conditioning of four zones, which for me is a complete error because it forces to look away during a period of time that, with physical controls It would be very inferior or non-existent. In my opinion, a important failure .

Through this 9-inch touchscreen almost all the car's systems are handled. Beyond the navigator or the audio equipment -which in our case is a fascinating Bowers & Wilkins that sounds like the angels-, we will also manage all the assistants to the conduction, security systems, personalization, climate control of the rear seats, folding of the rear headrests ... All.

One detail that I do not understand is that this model does not have steering wheel paddles to handle the automatic transmission of manual way It is not that we are going to use them very regularly, because we will almost always drive in automatic mode, but we are grateful to, for example, prepare an overtaking with simplicity.

In the rear seats there are air vents in the central position - together with the specific air conditioning for these rear seats -, other air vents in the central pillar and curtains for the side windows. In the back of the central square we can unfold the typical armrest, which in addition to holes for drinks, has a small drawer to deposit, for example, the mobile.

In addition to much comfort, great space

Like most saloons, the Volvo V90 has been developed with four occupants in mind, and not five. Despite this, it is approved for five people. The front seats , in addition to being very comfortable and multiconfigurable electrically and with memory (we can place the passenger seat even with the controls of the driver's seat), are quite spacious.

the rear seats lateral we have a lot of space. It is noted that China has a lot of weight in this vehicle and in this brand, because the legroom is rather typical of a larger vehicle. In width we also go very well, with a correct space for the head.When giving so much comfort to the lateral seats, the fifth square, the central one, is much more suffered, narrow and uncomfortable.

One of the most important sections for every customer of a great family sedan is, of course, its load capacity , and in this section it does not stand out especially. The Volvo V90 Cross Country has a 560 liter trunk , identical to the rest of the V90 range. In any case, it is a typical evil of this segment.

The A6 Avant or Serie 5 Touring, which are two clear rivals of this car, do not even reach 600 liters. It is not that the trunk is small, because there is a lot of space and it is usable, but the feeling is that it could be bigger considering the total length. A Skoda Octavia Combi, for example, homologous 610 liters. In the case of the V90, if we lower the seats we exceed 1,500 liters capacity.

Volvo V90 Cross Country mechanical range

The Volvo V90 Cross Country can only be combined with the AWD all-wheel drive and, in addition, all but the least powerful versions use automatic transmission as standard. In total there are five mechanical versions, being three diesel and two gasoline . At least in our country, and although it seems a crime to say, this vehicle is more recommended with diesel engine, especially for differences in consumption.

All the mechanics have a displacement of 1,969 cc and four cylinders , the well-known Volvo Drive-E. In diesel we have the variants called D4 and D5, with 190 and 235 HP. The automatic transmission in the D4 is optional. On the other side, in the gasoline offer, we find the versions T5 and T6, which develop 250 and 310 CV . In the Cross Country the plug-in hybrid T8 of 390 hp is not offered. The automatic changes are of the converter type with 8 preset speeds.

Engine T6

Mechanics with denomination T6 , which is the one used by our test unit, is a gasoline engine that develops 310 hp . This mechanics combines direct injection of fuel, turbo and compressor, achieving a very linear behavior. Finally, it delivers its 310 hp at 5,700 rpm and a generous torque of 400 Nm which is available from only 2,200 rpm and up to 5,100.

As we mentioned above, it uses an automatic transmission type converter. torque with 8 preset gears and AWD all-wheel drive.

Among the performance data of the Volvo V90 Cross Country T6 we find a mixed fuel consumption of 7.9 l/100 km impossible to reach > In theory, it is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.3 seconds, which is a figure to take into account, and reaches a maximum speed of 230 km/h.

At the wheel: Magical carpet

The Volvo V90 Cross Country transmits a high quality rolling on the highway , which is its natural habitat.It really surprises, because the sensation is very rewarding. When we went through an abrupt expansion joint that we know for being a usual route, and we see the way it filters even carrying 20-inch wheels, it is when its formidable operation is most appreciated. We will devour kilometers without the least fatigue.

As I said above, where the Volvo V90 is more comfortable, like its brother Volvo S90, it's on highways. In this sense, the set of assistants "Pilot Assist" , which works combining adaptive cruise control and lane maintenance, helps a lot. Of course, we should never relax our attention, no matter how much confidence this system gives us.

This Volvo V90 Cross Country has a clear orientation towards maximum comfort and wellness on the highway, with a soft suspension and a smooth behavior at all times. I do not want to say that it is an uncomfortable car to drive on very busy roads , such as mountain passes, but it is true that is not so comfortable .

Due to its exterior dimensions, it is not the ideal car or the one that best defends itself on this type of road, as it is logical. On the other hand, if we want to have fun, even if we select the most sporty driving mode, the inertia can be noticed and end up transforming into remarkable inclinations of the body if we take it to a higher rhythm of the " moral". It is logical, this car is not designed for it.

You can already imagine that the city is not exactly its strong point either. Although the glazed area is very large, we have a very large car and in the narrow streets there is a certain fear of measuring poorly, as in certain car parks. Fortunately, we have front and rear parking sensors, front and rear camera with configurable projection and 360 degree overhead view. A directional rear axle, like the new Audi A6, would help you feel more agile.

I would like to add that, even though we are with a V90 Cross Country and that its ground clearance of 210 mm is very good , it is not convenient to risk too much outside the asphalt. Of course, by height, much less should we do with a Class E Allterrain, for example. By the way, the air suspension again shows a great behavior on roads, not transmitting much bumps to the occupants.

Although more solvent than its rivals, I think that nobody would be too funny to hit the bottom of a car that is around 100,000 euros, as is the case of the unit we have tested.

I purposely left for these last paragraphs everything related to the operation of the engine and gearbox . The T6 mechanics has a very "electric" style operation; I explain. Thanks to the use of turbocharger and compressor, the response is very linear throughout the rotation regime , delivering a good amount of torque from well below.

Having such a linear behavior, it may seem that the power is lower than declared, because it practically always pushes with the same forcefulness, but believe me that this engine "is running great".

On the other hand, highlight again the isolation . Regarding the engine, there are times when, when we are stopped, it is not easy to recognize if it is started or stopped .And the best part is that at a normal speed, at 2,000 or 2,500 rpm, for example, it also goes completely unnoticed . If we accelerate thoroughly and it is revolutionized, the sound is beautiful, but also very shy, without being noticed.

The combination with the converter-type gearbox, which has 8 gears prefixed, it's very good. The operation is very sweet, allowing to maneuver at low speed with a lot of control and safety, while on the road the running jumps are practically imperceptible. Its electronic configuration tends to revolutionize the engine slightly , quickly jumping to a higher gear. The only "but" is that, at least in the unit tested, there were times that it took a little longer than normal to go from first to second gear; but nothing that would be uncomfortable.

Of course, what I have not quite understood is why the Volvo V90 T6 does not have paddles on the steering wheel . What's more, I believe that any automatic car should be brought as standard . Although they are not used very commonly, on a secondary road, for example, they are very practical; especially to reduce a couple of gears to prepare an overtaking and have the maximum energy of the engine from the first moment, and all without the need to separate hands from the steering wheel.

We can handle the transmission in sequential mode using the gear lever, with longitudinal touches to raise and reduce gears, but still I still need to see some cams.

Consumption high, although you can not ask much less

The engine works very well, pushes with great force, has good performance, the combination with the automatic box is very good and hardly perceived inside. The fact is that the consumption, for a gasoline engine with 310 hp and a body of similar size and weight, we can imagine that they are not the most economical.

On the highway

strong> at legal maximum we will normally move around 9.5 liters every 100 kilometers. Strolling, the truth is that it shoots a lot, something quite logical on the other hand. If in addition we like to feel the acceleration that is able to grant with assiduity, the data shoots up remarkably. Our final consumption at the time of delivery of the vehicle was 12.8 liters , although it is true that we have made many urban routes and not so many fast routes. p>


The Volvo V90 Cross Country is a interesting option for those looking for a large family sedan, with a lot of comfort and quality . Of course, the price is high and the optional items are not exactly cheap, so it is aimed at a premium customer. I would bet on this Cross Country body if at times it would have to travel on roads, since it raises the body about 60 mm compared to a "normal" V90.

Your main rivals they are the Mercedes E-Class All Terrain and the Audi A6 Allroad - although the Audi is currently discontinued, waiting for the version corresponding to the new generation just arrived on the market to arrive.