The DFSK Glory 580 arrives on the market with solid sales arguments

Traditionally Chinese signatures have had bad press in Europe. It is true that, until a few years ago, their products were, to say the least, nefarious, however, things have changed. We have the best example in the DFSK Glory 580 , an average way that arrives from this country. From the outset, the brand will not ring, but we have to tell you that it is a privileged partner of Dongfeng Motor Corporation .

As a signature, DFSK carries a time in Europe and Spain. Its activity has focused basically on the industrial segment, offering vehicles for work and freight transport . However, with the Glory 580 they enter fully into the general market. For this, they propose an elegant SUV, with a remarkable technological level and a bifuel mechanical that demonstrates its technical potential.

Nice design to like in Europe and Spain

The exterior design of the DFSK Glory 580 is elegant as well as modern. Its lines, unlike other models of Chinese origin, do not remember those of other European or Japanese products. Thus, we found a frontal that has some optical groups with LED technology that resemble the eyes of a lion. Its grille, with the DFSK logo, is extended by the headlights and gives way to a bumper of discreet and forceful lines.

The side view has marked lines of tension . They focus mainly on the bonnet area and rear wheel arches. The relationship between glazed surface, sheet metal, wheel arches and alloy wheels is optimal, with a harmonious and robust appearance. An elegant behind completes its aesthetic in which we find some LED optical groups and content size. In it, we can see a double escape exit and the integration of the parking aid camera .

Extensive interior and connectivity to the last

If the outside of the DFSK Glory 580 is successful, inside they have done a great job. It emphasizes the dashboard with horizontal lines that end at the big touch screen central. This 9 or 11 inch size is compatible with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto protocols. The dual climate control is not lacking in a package that includes a parking camera and even access and hands-free start . The equipment options revolve around the Luxury and Intelligent completions offering a level hitherto never seen in a Chinese firm.

However, where the Glory 580 stands out the most is in the quality of its materials and interior space. As standard, it has seven seats distributed in three rows. In addition, it offers a trunk of generous size (there is no confirmed figure) with flat floor when seats are lowered. Finally, we can not ignore the leather of the seats and the quality (at least visual) of the rest of the materials that line the interior.

Ecological mechanics with ECO label of the DGT

Finally, we must focus attention on the element that should most benefit its dissemination in Spain and Europe.We are talking about a modern block turbo tetracilíndrico gasoline powered with 1.5 liters of displacement. The power output is 149 HP and is linked to an automatic transmission by CVT continuous drive.

However, the interesting thing about this engine is that it can work with GLP or CNG

strong>. In this way, it is worthy of the ECO label of the DGT , so it has great advantages in periods of traffic restrictions. For now we do not know its consumption, but with 4.68 meters in length and 1,510 kilos could be around 7.5 liters on average. In any case, it is a great step forward, as it is ahead of many established rivals.

All in all, the DFSK Glory 580 is now available in Spain. Your price rates are not available on the website of the firm, but through this form you can request an offer. You have to see the host that the public gives you, but I'm sure it will be positive. In any case, it deserves it, because few Chinese brands have made such an important effort to adapt to our tastes. Time will be who I judge.

Source - DFSK

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