The Mitsubishi ASX will wear its renewed aesthetics at the Geneva Motor Show

The Mitusibhisi ASX was the response from the signature of the three diamonds to the Nissan Qashqai . The third generation of this model, which arrived in 2010, has fought tooth and nail to break the market. However, the passage of time and the arrival of new, and powerful, rivals have taken their toll. So much so, that his "twin brothers" Citroën C4 AirCross and Peugeot 4008 stopped selling a while ago.

Therefore, Mitsubishi has been forced to refresh its image, mechanical range and endowment every few time. Thus, we have reached the current situation, in which we will know the third restyling of the ASX next month. To unveil it, those responsible for the brand have opted for the Geneva Motor Show , an appointment of draft for the European market.

Aesthetics very similar to the Eclipse Cross

Exterior aesthetics is the main change that the renewed Mitsubishi ASX will undergo. On its front, we find the latest evolution of the grill "Dynamic Shield" of the brand. The optical groups with Full LED technology become more ripped, being almost a copy to his older brother, the Eclipse Cross. In the middle area they have located the turn signals and four LEDs for the daytime driving light .

The side view hardly changes, focusing the changes in the back . In this area, designers have introduced more subtle variations. They emphasize the optical groups , that maintaining their format, they see varied the inner disposition. The lines of the gate and bumpers reveal that we are facing the latest evolution, like the fog light . Finally, they have included three new shades for the body and renewed alloy wheels.

Interior renewed, but the basic lines are maintained

The changes that the Mitsubishi ASX will undergo in the interior are of nuance. The most striking thing is the inclusion of a renovated infotainment system . It will have a larger touch screen that will include the Tom Tom Sat-Nav navigation system. Thanks to him, you can count on real-time navigation and weather advice. In addition, it will have an application system to exchange information between the phone and the car.

The security section is also updated. It will incorporate emergency braking system , control of objects in the blind spot and cross rear traffic alert. In any case, the interior design will not undergo major modifications. Thus, it will keep the lines that we already know in the current ASX, although yes, the quality will be revised upwards.

For now Mitsubishi has not offered data on the mechanical offer . However, it is expected that the diesel mechanics disappear, because in the current range it is not offered. All in all, the twist that they are going to give the ASX is fine, but Mitsubishi needs a new compact SUV with urgency.