The new BMW 7 Series enters the operating room for a touch-up, what do you think of the change?

The design of the new BMW Series 7 has been the subject of some criticism and jokes on the part of the public. The size of the new double grills or "kidneys" was a mockery in the presentation of the concept Series 8 and the X7. For this reason the Reddit user, agaran24, has presented this modification based on the original images of Series 7 .

The size of these grids seems respond to the greater attention that BMW is giving to the Chinese market . A country where the tastes of customers tend to tend towards more striking designs. But the Bavarian brand is not the only one that has decided to change the design of its cars in that direction. Volkswagen also updated the design of its Passat in a similar way. Even presented its final appearance in the Asian country before in Europe or the United States.

Before and after

The modification that you can see in the images is limited to a simple retouch, but that could satisfy the detractors of the new 7 Series. The double grill reduces its height to approximately two thirds of its original size . Leaving fringes as the space left over for the license plate, but diverting attention from the excessive air intakes for the engine.

The user agaran24 published the before and after images, receiving hundreds of positive comments on the Reddit social network. The retouching was done with Photoshop, keeping the angles and the rest of the details conceived by the official designers of the brand.

While it is true that BMW double grills have been growing as a general rule Throughout its history, it seems that this time have raised more controversy than ever . In addition, the oversize of these elements does not seem to respond to any need for engine cooling. Although to be sure we would have to wait to see what the makers of the brand say. Maybe they will pronounce after these reactions and those prompted by other jokes about their grills.

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