The top of the range of the division 'N' of Hyundai could be 4 × 4 and hybrid

The 'N' division of Hyundai was created to develop high performance versions in the same way as the 'M' models of BMW or the Mercedes AMGs. Good account of it gives the i30 N with 250 CV that we could try a few months ago. However, what the Korean brand has in hand can now be a totally different car. A car with all-wheel drive and a hybrid engine to double its performance.

The future launch of a high-performance model that corone the range of models N , was already confirmed by its managers in July last year. The vice president of the division, GyooHeon Choi, mentioned it again with his statements: "This representative car is still in our plans. It will still take a while, but we are clear that we have to make one. Now we are reviewing some alternative propulsion systems and different options to see what kind of vehicle we could present and when. " Sources close to the brand suggest that it is unlikely that this high-performance model will reach the market before 2022 .

Shuffle from hydrogen to electric motors

" We are developing engines more powerful combustion engines for our future cars, "Choi continued," but also more powerful electric motors and also experimental high-performance fuel cells. Conventional four-wheel drive is a possibility for this car, but it's a very old technology. I would prefer to think of a hybrid platform with a front combustion engine and an electric one mounted on the rear. That's an attractive address for us. "

Klaus Köster, director of high performance cars at the Hyundai European Technical Center, added more details about the future high-performance model. "Our challenge is to make the product affordable, but also credible in the way we define any Hyundai N car. Not only does it have to be able to give a few laps before losing power, but it can not be thrown into a price of hundreds of thousands of euros. The people who buy that type of car are not Hyundai customers. Not yet, at least. "

A very interesting possibility with 500 CV

Following the words of its managers and fitting engines already used by the brand today, you can get very attractive models . For example, the front end could be left to the charge of the turbocharged gasoline engine 2.0 liters and four cylinders currently used by the division. The electric motors of the Kia e-Niro or the Kona Electric could be used on the rear. With this combination it would not be difficult to get a sporty hybrid with all-wheel drive and close to 500 hp .

" Ultimately, we will only respond to customer demand ", added Köster, "and we will only deliver something well finished, with a driving experience with which we are really happy. Therefore, we must ensure that, whatever we do, we create a car that customers of Division N buy. "

The body type that will carry the mysterious model N still not known.Hyundai has been testing the RM16 N based on Veloster (images of the article). A concept that is believed to have several components that will be part of the top model of the N Division.

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